Symposium: diffractions and the (un-)making of difference

This symposium explores how difference is performed, challenged, constructed and deconstructed – especially in relation to contemporary practices and perspectives of migration – in postmigrant theatre and in school.
The aim of this symposium is to reflect on our analysis of transcultural practices and to discuss its relevance in current academic and socio-political discourses around migration, aesthetic formation and education.
Through four “stages” of the symposium and its theoretical, performative, transmissive and ethnographic perspectives and analyses, we explore non-essentialist and diffractive ways of thinking constructions and deconstructions of difference.
This transdisciplinary symposium brings together researchers and experts from cultural, postcolonial, and gender studies, media and sound studies, sociology and migration studies, and educational studies.

The symposium is a collaboration of the project »Travelling Sounds« (Dr. Carla J. Maier/ Sound Studies Lab) and the project »Transcultural Practices in Postmigrant Theatre and in School« (Arts Academy Düsseldorf)

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