A listening protocol

I start in the present. An uncertain here and now.I feel my own body and feel my feet touching the ground.I don’t look at something in particular. I attend to my breathing and listen to the sounds around me.What are the sounds that are close to my body?What are the sounds in the background, in…More

Symposium: diffractions and the (un-)making of difference

This symposium explores how difference is performed, challenged, constructed and deconstructed – especially in relation to contemporary practices and perspectives of migration – in postmigrant theatre and in school.The aim of this symposium is to reflect on our analysis of transcultural practices and to discuss its relevance in current academic and socio-political discourses around migration,…More

On Rhythming: Sensory Acts and Performative Modes of Sonic Thinking

A workshoporganized by the Marie Curie Research Projects“Travelling Sounds” & “Sounds Delicious”. Concept: Carla J. Maier & Melissa Van DrieUniversity of Copenhagen & KBH Madhus20 February 2019 CONCEPT Sounds are situated. They can neither be separated from the event of their happenings, nor from our own experiences of them. One of the challenges for researchers…More

The Sound of Skateboarding: Aspects of a Transcultural Anthropology of Sound

This essay explores how the sound of skateboarding can be studied as a critical analysis and transcultural anthropology of sound. Combining the analysis of the particular sensual aspects of skateboarding with an investigation of the cultural and urban discourses and politics of this performative practice, the article proposes theoretical and methodological perspectives of studying the…More